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Vulcanising Repair

At Adamstown Tyres Ltd the vulcanising repair of agricultural tyres is one of the many services we provide. Our fully trained staff are certified by TECH tyre repair specialists.

The vulcanising repair of a tyre will take some time to complete. There are a number of processes that the tyre has to go through in order to achieve a repair that is capable of taking the loads and strains the tyre was originally designed for. Down time of this level is not acceptable for a machine operator. As part of our vulcanising repair service, we can provide a replacement tyre for your machine when the vulcanising repair is been carried out to your tyre. Once the tyre has completed its repair process we will fit the repaired tyre to your machine at a time that is convenient to you.

Many tyres have been rejected for repair that can safely be restored to their original condition. If your tyre suffers a cut or damage and you are unsure if it is suitable for a vulcanising repair please email a picture or call us to request one of our fully trained staff to call to site to access the damage to your tyre.