Tyre Safety


At Adamstown Tyres Ltd tyre safety is of paramount importance to us. Our highly experienced staff are always on hand to provide tyre safety information and answer any queries you may have.

Your safety along with that of other road users could depend directly on the safety of your vehicles tyres. Between 2007-2012 An Garda Siochana reported tyre defects as a factor in 172 collisions, some of which were fatal; others resulted in serious and minor injuries.


How do I know my tyres are safe?

There are a number of simple visual checks you can make to your vehicles tyres. Our advice is if you aren’t sure – call in to us for a free no obligation tyre check. We provide this service free of charge because we believe safe tyres can save lives.

Check for an “E- mark”

This confirms that it meets the minimum EU or International (UNECE) standards in relation to its size, load and speed rating.

Check for an “S- mark”

This is a “sound marking” certifying that the amount of road noise produced by the tyre complies with EU standards.

Check there is a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm

This is the minimum tread depth considered safe on a tyre. Anything less is illegal for public road use. Tread depths can be measured using a gauge available from the RSA website.

Check the “tread wear indicator block”

Tyres also have a “block” set into them at a depth of 1.6mm. You should check this block to ensure this indicator is not at the same level or lower than the tyre thread.


Be aware of the inside of the tyre

Remember that not all damage to a tyre is visible from the outside and if you have a concern call to us and we can take a look.

See our wheel balancing and tracking/alignment sections for more information to ensure that your tyres are safe for road use.

Remember that for your vehicle’s NCT, your tyres must be road worthy. From 2008-2013 tyres were consistently one of the top three failure items at the NCT.