Rim Alterations / Reconditioning

Rim Alterations /Reconditioning

Adamstown Tyres offers a full alteration/reconditioning service for all types of agricultural rims modern and vintage. Our alteration service includes:

  • Adjusting the centre bore and stud spacing of your rim to fit a different tractor.
  • Adjusting the rail position on your existing rims to suit various tramline widths
  • Repairs to stud holes due to wheel loosing.
  • Moving the position of centres on solid rims to allow for the widening or narrowing of your machine.
  • Supply and fitment of new rim centres
  • Supply and fitment of new rim outsides
  • Cleaning of the entire rim back to bare metal by shot blasting
  • Powder coated primer and finished coat to a colour specified by the customer.

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